Circuit Training: What is it? Why is it good for me?

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Circuit training has become quite popular in the last few years.  Circuit training defined is an exercise plan utilizing six to ten exercises that are completed one after another with weight or body resistance equipment to increase mobility, strength, and stamina.  Each exercise is performed for a certain amount of time or number of repetitions.  Circuit training can be performed at the individual or group level.  

Circuit training is one of my favorite modalities for a variety of reasons.  To begin, it provides a usable structure for the beginning exerciser and assists in teaching that exerciser how to work a variety of body parts in the same session.  I find that many people who start a training program work too many muscle groups at once doing very low repetitions.  While this accounts for some level of exercise, results will not typically be seen because one is not taxing any particular muscle for the needed length of time.  Circuit training taxes the muscle sufficiently to provide results and thus keep motivation high.  In addition, circuit training allows for better form when performing an exercise because one is moving from legs to biceps to triceps for example.  This allows enough rest for any particular muscle group.  A more detailed example of a “circuit” may include one set of ten lunges, one set of ten push-ups and one set of ten tricep dips.  This would be repeated 3 full times.

Every Thursday night from 6-7pm the MedSave InCharge Wellness programs offers a circuit training class for our members and other individuals who want to engage in a fun, high energy hour of exercise.  The hour goes by quickly and you will leave feeling energized and motivated and hopefully a little tired from a great workout!  Come work out with us!  As always STAY CONSISTENT AND STAY MOTIVATED!!!

Amy Dubray

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