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Avoid Mindless Eating

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To lose weight, you need to get in tune with your eating behaviors. These three strategies will help bring them into focus.

1. Write Down What You Eat for 3 Days
The first step in reversing mindless eating is to put real effort into becoming aware of how you eat.

Tip: Jot It Down
Use a notebook specifically for the purpose of recording every bite of food and sip of drink for three days. Include time, portion sizes, location of meal or snack, reason for eating (hunger? stress?), and who was with you. Look for patterns and make changes where you see bad habits.

2. Study Your Eating Environment
Surroundings make a difference! Many of us eat in stressful or distracting areas, such as a work cubicle or the car while driving.

Tip: Find a Calm Spot
Make an effort to eat your meals and snacks in a relaxing place, such as a park bench or outside on your patio. At home, turn off the TV while you eat. These simple changes can make a difference in how satisfied you are once you are finished.

3. Monitor Boredom
Distinguishing true hunger from “head hunger” can be a challenge, especially when you have too much free time.

Tip: Find a New Hobby
Consider learning a new skill that engages your creativity and districts you from thinking about food. Knitting, gardening, scrapbooking, or putting together a puzzle can help extinguish food and eating “chatter” and help you get in touch with feelings of actual hunger versus perceived hunger.

Source: Diabetic Living Magazine – Fall 2012

To Happy, Healthy Living!
InCharge Fitness Team

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